Honourable mention

Design | Professional
Magnus Mewes

furnitre from recycled wine barrels, high asthetiv qualities, small serial production on regional level

The chair's articulative shape refers to its basic raw material, red-wine barrels sorted out after several years of use as they no longer emit oak aroma. The chair's sides and legs are made of barrel bottoms, the back rest and seat of rounded stakes. The hand crafted solid wood provides a long life cycle and allows for repair.



Wine barrels are made of high-quality oak wood, a particularly valuable resource. Their stakes and bottoms provide excellent components for construction of chairs. Formed to fit barrel shape, the stakes by all means have ergonomic properties for their use as seat bowls. The wood's dark color, obtained through smoke and red wine, imparts the chair with its unique appeal. The stake with the plug-hole is used to build the backrest. After the chair is   joined with glue it is sealed with linseed oil for enhanced durability.