Bambus Leichtbau Konstruktion

1st prize

Design | Student
Wassilij Grod

The "bamboo composite boards" combines efficiency and ease of recycling material in a sandwich structure;
stiffer than lightweight construction material for self-supporting structures, furniture and exhibition construction

Conventional production of bamboo slabs puts up to 60% of the raw material to waste. Production of the bamboo lightweight slab substantially reduces waste and allows for most effective use of bamboo cane as a natural resource.

To this end short skewed pieces of bamboo cane form an core layer between thin coats. Coating material consists of cross-bonded bamboo strips. BLBP stands out due to its way of processing the bamboo cones. These are glued in alternate rows opposed in direction to form a particularly resilient core. The canes' slanted  cut face increases the glued surface, providing optimal spread of  impinging forces. This sandwich-type construction will prototypically be used as a table top. Other applications may include interior construction, booth construction, or self-supporting lightweight elements outdoors.


Dipl. Des. Wassilij Grod